Here – partly to help Google and other search engines in their never-ending content quests – is a partial list of the technologies we’ve been working with in recent years..

Web applications : The core of what we do. Business applications come in all shapes and sizes. We mostly undertake

  • Database-driven websites
  • Database-driven Windows applications
  • Web services

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 : is our main application development platform and we have worked extensively on complex projects using, among others, these component technologies:

  • Visual C#
  • Visual Basic
  • .NET Frameworks 3.5, 4.0
  • Linq
  • Ajax
  • SOAP
  • Bootstrap

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 : our default database platform, featuring:

  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Overall database analysis & design
  • Tables & views
  • Stored Procedures (T-SQL and compiled from C#)
  • Functions
  • Server Management
  • Backups & Restores
  • Synchronisation
  • SQL Server Agent scheduled tasks

Microsoft Office :  and in particular automation involving

  • Microsoft Access – maintenance & troubleshooting of existing systems; upgrades to SQL Server as data source
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word


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