What we do

Our clients generally fall into two categories

  • Those who have a lot of internal data  (in Excel or Access) and want it better shared WITHIN their organisation
  • Those who want to interact with their own customers, sharing data with them or capturing customer-supplied information

Typically, we’ll spend some time chatting to new customers to find out what their business is trying to achieve; whats holding them back; and suggesting ways in which improvements to their systems will help move things forwards.

We’ll explore, in detail, the systems already in place. We’ll define what the new or modified system will do and the costs and timescales for achieving it.

The main technologies that we currently (2017) use to build systems are from Microsoft: SQL Server, ASP.NetC#, MS Access and MS IIS (web server).

We’ll keep your briefed on progress and we’ll take feedback from you as prototypes appear during the development process.

We’ll hold your hand when the new systems become operational and we’ll fix any bugs or add missing functionality that suddenly seems blindingly obvious.

We expect to relate to our clients in a professional yet friendly way and hope that they’ll be pleased with our service. Most of our work over the last 20 years has come by recommendation: thank-you, past customers!